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Our Land, Our Lives is a physical exhibit which provides a platform for Oregon landowners being impacted by the proposed Pacific Connector Pipeline and who may be forced to give up easements through eminent domain.

The Pipeline Route

The centerpiece of the physical exhibit is a 60" x 48" topographical map of Oregon which shows the proposed route of the Pacific Connector Pipeline. Affected counties and major rivers and streams are highlighted.

Landowner Stories

Portrait panels convey individual landowner stories through black-and-white imagery, brief written narratives, and quotes which capture landowners’ feelings about their land and the pipeline's impact. 

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Supplemental Information

Informational panels provide basic information about the Jordan Cove Energy Project, lands affected, the approval process, and how eminent domain might be used to secure easements.

Modular and Flexible

The panels in the exhibit are interchangeable, and the exhibit can expand and contract to accommodate different venues. Each panel (excepting the map) measures 24" x 42" and mounts on a custom maple plywood stand. The stands hinge and fold flat for easy transportation. The approximate footprint of the full exhibit, which includes the map plus six panels, measures 9' x 18'.


A mounted screen hosts a short video which shares the stories of several affected landowners.

Booking the Exhibit

Our Land, Our Lives is available for events and to those who wish to host the exhibit in their space. For availability, check the Booking Calendar. If you would like to book the exhibit, please email us at

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