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For 15 years, landowners have been fighting Canadian companies who want to export Canada’s gas to Asia through private properties in Oregon. Now, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) is on the verge of making a decision on the Jordan Cove Energy Project. If approved, approximately 90 landowners will face eminent domain.

Many landowners along the proposed pipeline route are elderly and on fixed incomes; they stand to lose their life savings protecting their homes. Landowners could bear costs of more than $8,000 to $15,000 each for legal fees and appraisals.


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We are asking our fellow Oregonians who are opposed to this project to 
and pledge* your support:

*This is a pledge of your support — we will contact you when FERC makes their decision and will ask you to fulfill your pledge if FERC grants the order triggering the use of eminent domain. THANK YOU for your SUPPORT of Oregon landowners facing eminent domain!

For those who wish to donate directly now, we welcome your support - click the button below.  All donations are tax-exempt as allowable by law. 

The landowners thank you for your support!

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