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Our Land ~ Our Lives Adds Media Page to Website

This short post is to let you know that we have added a Media page to the Our Land ~ Our Lives website. This will be a place where we post press releases, op-eds, letters, and other news relevant to landowners who are impacted by the Pacific Connector Pipeline.

So far, the page is hosting three items:

“Oregon Faces a Tom McCall Moment with Jordan Cove,” an Op-Ed published by the Medford Mail Tribune on March 29. Landowner Ron Schaaf and I wrote the op-ed in response to FERC’s order approving Jordan Cove/Pacific Connector. In it, we argue that FERC is limiting the scope of what it says it can consider, is denying landowners their rights.

Here’s a paragraph from the op-ed:

Pembina has in place agreements to sell gas to itself. Apparently this is enough evidence to satisfy FERC, and to justify taking land from private citizens. As FERC says, the project “is needed.”

Needed by whom?

FERC’s conditional permit triggers the power of eminent domain before all conditions have been met. As impacted landowners along the pipeline route, we believe this amounts to a land grab.

A March 25 letter thanking Oregon leaders for standing up for Oregonians. Dozens of groups and individuals, including landowners, signed on to the letter.

This is the letter's final paragraph:

During this very challenging time and on behalf of the numerous organizations, impacted landowners, businesses, and others who have worked tirelessly to defeat this handout to Canadian fossil fuel special interests, we thank our Oregon leaders for standing up for Oregonians, public and private lands, wildlife, clean water, and our shared climate.

A press release from landowners, dated March 19, responding to FERC’s announcement that it had issued an order approving Jordan Cove.

Here’s an excerpt:

Despite being outraged with FERC’s decision, landowners vow to continue their fight with their own legal challenge. The Niskanen Center, a Washington, D.C. think tank and advocacy group with a special interest in FERC overreach regarding condemnation of private lands, will represent Oregon landowners. Niskanen Center’s Chief Counsel David Bookbinder says, “FERC is allowing a private pipeline company to take property in order to ship Canadian gas to Asia. It is impossible to see how the Pacific Connector is a public use or of public benefit under the Natural Gas Act or the takings clause of the Fifth Amendment.”

During this strange and uncertain time, we offer these three media pieces as assurance. We will continue opposing Jordan Cove/Pacific Connector and doing whatever we can to help disseminate information and news.

If you would like to help landowners who are facing eminent domain with legal expenses, use the DONATE button at the top of this page.

Stay safe!

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